Nora Simpson



Nora Simpson is the CEO of Simpson Strategic Solutions, a business consulting firm based in New York
City that combines neuroscience with business strategy to drive breakthrough results. She has advised
more 100 companies in 50+ industries on business development, strategy, operations, financial systems, succession planning, and growth issues. Nora has used her neuroscience-based business tools to help organizations create radical advances in revenue, profit, productivity and corporate culture. She is the
author of the newly released book Get Ahead and Stay Ahead: Use the Secrets of Your Own Brain to Unleash
Your Success at Work. Learn more at www.getaheadandstayahead.com

A veteran of the HR Consulting and Retained Executive Search industry, Nora rose from entry-level
researcher to full partner in her search firm in less than three years.  During this time, she interviewed
and assessed thousands of executives from a wide range of industries.  She also founded and led her
firm’s Private Equity practice and Sustainability practice from 2008 to 2010. 

Nora began her career at the United Nations, serving in the Secretariat for the Millennium Project
Hunger Task Force under the auspices of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).   She left
the UN to join the Policy and Research Team of The Hunger Project, an NGO that empowers women
and men living on less than $1/day to end their own hunger and poverty in Africa, Latin America and
South Asia.  Today, The Hunger Project works with 28 million people in 13 countries on a budget of
$12 million per year.  Using both the research she conducted on thousands of successful executives
globally as well as the principles behind the transformation of the poorest villages in the world into
self-sufficient, thriving communities, Nora has worked with individuals and businesses across the
globe to unleash their maximum potential. 

Throughout her career, Nora has worked toward her global vision to end poverty, strengthen business
and restore the environment by continuously developing breakthrough methodologies designed to
transform individual and organizational relationships to resources.  She has created and led anti-poverty empowerment trainings, business-owner breakthrough workshops and environmental transformation
programs across the east coast.  In 2008, she co-founded a free Action Group focused on training
members to achieve financial success and personal fulfillment.  Since 2008, the group has served
hundreds of individuals across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Israel.  One of the highlights of Nora’s
career was turning leadership of the Action Group over to the participants she trained.

Nora is a published author as well as an experienced public speaker and organizational trainer. 
She has been interviewed by Investor’s Business Daily, My Business Chronicle, NHK Japan
Broadcasting Corporation and the Oxygen Network.

Nora graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University.