Grow Your Business

The Neuroscience of Sales Success

"Thanks to Nora's neuroscience-based consulting, our whole company achieved breakthrough productivty and our sales doubled in twelve months!"
-CEO, Financial Services Firm

The science of the brain can tell us EXACTLY why someone is opening up or closing off quickly to our sales attempts. More importantly, we can apply concrete neuroscience-based tools RIGHT AWAY to generate more leads, shorten the lead conversion process, and keep customers coming back again and again. Creating the most effective lead conversion funnel possible is exciting. But it’s even more exciting to create a funnel designed to convert customers into advocates. When this module is applied thoroughly, sales often achieve breakthrough increases of 20 to 50%. Some clients have seen revenue increases of over 100%

The Neuroscience of Group Success

“I was frustrated with my team—I thought they were disjointed, lazy, and complaining. Nora helped us create empowering group accountability structures that totally transformed the way the team behaved. It was like I had a whole new team—and they were great! Plus our revenue rose by 50% in six months.”


CEO, Technology Firm

Neuroscience-based tools can form the basis for a group success plan that transforms even the most dysfunctional teams into top performers. Human beings are designed for tribal living. In fact, every workplace has its own tribal dynamics, whether or not we are aware of them. The tribal dynamics of the workplace are powerful. They can reinforce complacency OR they can motivate and inspire for growth. Most people think motivating teams is about rousing speeches or uplifting ideas. But the science of the brain shows us specific, concrete ways to create actions and habits of growth, positivity, collaboration, and success across the team. In fact, using the team as the instrument to apply these tools is one of the most powerful ways to create success for each individual on the team.

The Neuroscience of Breakthrough Leadership

"I was overwhelmed with the day-to-day pressure of my business and frustrated with customers and employees. Nora helped me identify and embrace growth opportunities to improve my leadership skills. Now, I feel confident and peaceful as I guide my company to greater and greater success."


-CEO, Global Design Firm

The science of the brain can tell us EXACTLY what’s happening when our businesses get stuck at “just fine” when we know they could be “fantastic.” Breakthrough leadership requires strong relationships and high value creation across organizations and industries. When trust and value are present between clients, vendors, and colleagues, productivity can reach remarkably successful levels. The science of the brain can tell us EXACTLY why trust and value exist in various business contexts. In this module, clients learn concrete tools they can use RIGHT AWAY to create the deep trust and meaningful value necessary to create an authentic, high-integrity path to breakthrough leadership.

The Neuroscience of Family Business Success

"We always told ourselves we were great at being married but bad at being business partners. Nora helped us embrace the differences in our business-oriented brain patterns and behaviors. We became far more productive and better at leadership. We even cut overhead by 30%."


-Husband and Wife Co-owners, Business Services Firm

The brain and nervous system develop throughout childhood, with a significant influence from family interactions.  When we work with our family members in business, dynamics from childhood and beyond can affect communication, productivity, and profits.  In this module, clients learn concrete tools they can use RIGHT AWAY to overcome difficult family business dynamics and improve revenue, profit, communication.