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Workshops and Keynotes

Neuroscience for Focus in the Age of Distraction

The average American loses 31 hours of work time each week to our culture of constant distraction. Using neuroscience and biology, Nora Simpson has coached teams and organizations to double results (including revenue and closed deals) while shortening work hours and reducing stress for the whole team.

Find out HOW in this workshop.

Neuroscience for Breakthrough Leadership

Every human brain perceives fear, safety, progress, and obstacles differently. We all have the same building blocks of perception. But we can predict how perceptions differ across people. With the right neuroscience tools, leaders can  build bridges between brains that lead to breakthrough results and joyful, happy teams. Find out HOW in this workshop.

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The Neuroscience of Sales Success

The best marketers in the world spend billions of dollars and years of brand-building to create what a real human can achieve in 15 minutes of live interaction.

 With an unflinching commitment to integrity, any sales team or sales rep can use neuroscience tools to turbocharge results while increasing customer satisfaction. Find out HOW in this workshop.

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